School Ethos

The total personality of the child.

Our primary aim is to develop and guide the child’s personality towards understanding and a sense of correctness. The child is accepted respectfully as he is: he is trained, taught and guided. The individual child’s well-being always takes precedent and school and parents work hand in hand to educate and train the child.

Every effort is made to develop the child’s talents as far as is possible. Emphasis is placed on continuous, worthwhile work. We undertake to teach the child good social skills, a high moral standard, a wide range of academic and practical skills and pastimes. And all of those through the medium of the Irish language.

We endeavour to give the child a natural facility in both spoken and written Gaeilge so that he can effectively express himself and all that interests him. Fundamental skills in English are focused on: comprehension, oral expression, reading and writing.

We aim to stimulate a lively interest in mathematics and lay a strong foundation for understanding its basic principles. We hope to stimulate in each child an interest in acquiring knowledge, to provide opportunities for physical development though physical education and to foster in him an interest in the Arts.

It is proposed that these aims be met through implementation of the Primary School Curriculum but the Irish language will always be placed first and foremost.

All aspects of Gaelic, Celtic and Irish culture are promoted as an intellectual store for the pupils: music, song, games, literature, history, geography, science, way of life, folklore, and the positive relationship our country had and has with other countries.

The culture as a living heritage

It is not as an indulgent conservation of an extinct entity , without addition or subtraction, that that culture will be cultivated but as a living heritage from which we benefit and which we will pass on to the next generation with our own stamp on it.

Children who attend the school will understand that they are growing up in Ireland as apart from in any other country. Love of country and pride of race will be fostered appropriate to our times.

He will get a taste of Gaelic erudition and he will understand that he, his school and his family are part of the Gaelic Revival. Armed with this self-confidence, he will be equipped to go forth to learn European and other languages with willing ease.

As his respect for himself grows, so too will his respect and understanding of other people and other races, including those who have religious, cultural and social background different to his own.